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Digital Flame Photo Meter

Digital Flame Photo Meter

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Product Description


        No of Filter        Na  K Ca  Li optional
        Range               Na  0100 ppm Ca  20100 ppm K    0100 ppm Li   10100 ppm
        Sensitivity         Na  5 ppm Ca  10 ppm K    5 ppm  Li   10 ppm
        Read out            2 digit bright LED Display
        Accuracy             2 up to 40 ppm   5 above 40 ppm
        Repeatability       2 Count
        Detector             Silicon Photo diode
        Filters                 Narrow band interference glass filters
        Nebulizer            Black bakelite
        Flame System     LPG and dry oil free air
        Warmup time      10 minutes
        Power    230V  10 AC 50 Hz    

Compressor Unit

        Air Supply       By oil free mini compressor unit with pressure regular
        Combustion    LPG controlled by precision regulator
        Power             230 V  10 volts 50Hz

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